worldwide unique Interactive Dog Toy
with sodium bicarbonate crystals

Dental Play Ring, is an innovative dog toy with Sodium Bicarbonate Crystals, designed to improve the cleaning and the dental hygiene of the dog, through play.

The Sodium Bicarbonate Crystals, is used to improve the oral hygiene, the mouth and the gum health. In particular, it helps prevent the formation of plaque and tartar, helping the reduction of bad breath odor; it also improves the whitening of the tooth enamel if used regularly, it also helps to keep the oral cavity sanitized.

Dental Play RING

Interactive toy for dogs that promotes dental hygiene, thanks to the action of Sodium Bicarbonate Crystals, can be filled with kibbles. Extra durable. Aroma: Beef .

It must be used under the supervision of the owner. Do not leave the game unattended.

  • Promotes dental hygiene
  • It can be filled with kibbles
  • Extra durable

available formats

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size large

Ø 200 mm

size medium

Ø 160 mm

size small

Ø 120 mm


Dental Play Ring must be used under the supervision of the owner.
Do not leave unattended.


Dental Play RING
it's hygiene playing!

Dental Play Ring , is made with materials that resist and well withstand the pressures exerted during play by the dog’s bite

over 0 kG
Dental Play Ring shooting force

Dental care

Absorbs stains on teeth, keeping them clean, with whitening action.



Made with ecological materials, in full respect of the environment.



The game is dishwasher safe.


Non toxic

Completely non-toxic for the animal.


100% recyclable

100% recyclable, non-toxic and certified in contact with food.



Thanks to its shape, it provides a firm and secure grip.


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