who we are

The New Project cares about the welfare of the pets. This is why has created an innovative chewing toys’ range  with 100% biodegradable and vegetable Bioplastic. Safe if swallowed. Without expiry date.

We are a company born 20 years ago, with experience mainly in the field of the plastic material injection / molding  sector.


who We are

The New Project has always cared about the welfare of animals. This is why we have decided to create innovative chewing toys in 100% biodegradable and vegetable Bioplastic. Safe if ingested. Without expiry date.

our business

The philosophy

The New Project company together with eco-compatible raw materials’ experts, decided to implement the creation of an innovative chewing Toys’ range, with a fully patented formula and the ambition to stand out from those already present in the market.

The New Project has thought of a chewable toys’ line for dogs with Bioplastic, made by 100% natural, vegetable, biodegradable and above all safe materials if swallowed by the dog (the product is not food and does not affect the diet ).

Our company has always been attentive to the continuous evolution of the market, always focusing on research and innovation.

new project

our products

chewing BIO TOY

Chewable toys for dogs, made in vegetable Bioplastic with 100% natural ingredients. Safe if ingested. Without expiry date.

Dental Play RING

Interactive high resistance dog toy. Worldwide unique with sodium bicarbonate crystals. With whitening action.


The innovative odor trap, with sodium bicarbonate. Ideal for your cat’s litter tray/box. Contains Neutralizer.

the new bio-naps

BIO-NAPS is a 100% natural-vegetable mat, which gradually releases the scent of lavender and/or mint, and acts as a natural REPELLENT to keep annoying insects such as parasites, flies and ticks away. 

  • Available in natural lavender and/or mint oils
  • Dimensions: 15x15cm
  • Disposal: dry waste
  • Entirely made in Italy

BIO-NAPS is a 100% natural-vegetable mat, totally safe for your dog.

BIO-NAPS is a 100% natural-vegetable mat, totally safe for your cat.

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